happinessWhat truly makes you happy and makes your heart sing and leap for JOY? Have you ever thought about that?
Do you experience that sometimes, all the time, or never?
(If you ask my newlyweds what makes them happy, they would probably say each other!! Which is awesome and so true, for now!)

Are you aware of your happiness factor being influenced by outer circumstances, or do you live in the awareness that it is truly an ‘INSIDE’ job and you can remain pretty firm and unshakeable even in the hardest of times?

It’s not that easy for us humans, it is a constant work in progress, but it IS a CHOICE!!! We can choose – just for today – to be happy no matter what is going on around us.The harm in being miserable, is far greater than choosing to be happy and spreading joy when you don’t really feel like it!! It takes just as much energy to frown as it does to smile>>>so of course we want to smile>right??!!

Being happy in the moment, with what IS, and not worrying about what WAS, or what MIGHT be….and just sit with being, is a treasured place to be! Sitting with the knowing that all is well for now because there is a higher power at work in our lives. Plus, we aren’t promised tomorrow, so we may as well do it NOW!!

happinessWe live in a world where there are those who are never satisfied, never seem happy (complain about everyone and everything!) who think things are never quite right, or there’s ‘never enough’. Living in that fear has become second nature for them!!

We, however, want to rise above that mentality and live with gratitude and thankfulness in our heart so that it will shine out onto people who need it so desperately.
Being grateful for what we have and who we are, and experiencing joy daily, does take some real work, but it can be done, and we’re all the better for it!!

I love how Brene` Brown says:
“Every time we lean into joy and give into those moments, we build resilience and we cultivate hope.”

happinessShe continues on to say that joy becomes part of who we are, and when bad things happen -and they do happen- we are stronger. Oh, how true that is!

Having an attitude of gratitude in our daily lives can produce such a sense of well-being, that we can be happy even when things don’t go the way we were hoping they would or that we thought they should.

By making a commitment to being grateful, thankful and genuinely appreciative for our very breath each and every day, come what may, is when Providence moves on our behalf in ways we know nothing about, and we see miracles happen!! I live for that kind of thing!!!

It is in making that commitment, and making the CHOICE to be happy that will ultimately give us the joy in living each day with a happy heart.

I send you love and happiness always,
Rev. Dee