Outdoor Wedding OfficiantOutdoor Wedding Officiant: Rev. Dee Richardson

I LOVE outdoor weddings, as long as it’s not TOO hot>>or raining!! I have done both, however…and we all made it through!!

Oregon and Washington are SO beautiful, and for me to have the opportunity of driving  to these beautiful places, that I may not otherwise ever see, is such a glorious gift and a bonus to this work that I do!!

I have had to hike in for over half an hour at Wahclella Falls, and I have driven on all kinds of back roads to get to some of these far-off-the beaten-track places, and it was all such a fun adventure for me!! Many times I have stopped to take photos along the way!

Once I get to the ceremony spot, it is so much fun to explore the place. It’s a joy to go around and meet all the guests and get all settled in, figuring out where the ceremony will take place and getting all squared away with the sound person with my mic and doing our sound check.

Sometimes it has been quite a challenge wearing high heels>>I know why the couples choose Flip-Flops, Tennis Shoes, or Cowboy Boots>plus they look cool!!

Where are YOU planning your outdoor wedding?

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